Hi, my name is Yingting Chen, I am currently living in Shanghai and working in the design industry.

I would like to share some stories of the people who inspires me currently.

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  1. 从Facebook上发现并链接过来,看后很叫人赞叹。很有思想,也很有艺术感染力。会继续关注你的发展,呵呵。

  2. Hi Yingting,

    Really love your lively, enthusiastic and emphatic photography – and most of all your consistent work on your blog. Thanks for your guest post in wilddesign.info. I would love to see more of our nice pictures on our blog 😉

    CU Markus

  3. Impressive indeed. More importantly, you have had your enthusiasm to maintain and improve it for such a long time. Would love to follow your blogs to explore the new exciting places.

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